About me

Hi, I'm Emma.

I think that may possibly be paint on my face...

Just over two years ago I moved from a small town in the midlands (a little similar to Tolkien's Shire)  to London to study counselling at University. I had only ever been on a tube once before and spent the first few months guessing what tubes and buses to get and constantly getting lost. Now, two years later I am much more experienced at city living, however as 'Emma Dilemma' suggests I still manage to get myself in to dilemmas...

This blog is a collection of letters about my life, primarily this blog has lots of tips about saving money, but also staying fashionable and social on a tight budget.
Although I like saving money and fashion I am also very conscious of the 'background' of the products I buy, and consequently I'm very interested in ethical, fair-trade and charitable products. As a result my blog has become a little scrap book for all my charity shop finds. 

So expect lots of bargains, fashion, artiness and quotes.


Emma Dilemma. 

P.S. I am PR friendly,  please do get in touch at: emmalschwarz@hotmail.com


  1. I love charity shopping too! I'm always in them. Great to find your blog! x

  2. Aren't they just great? That's lovely to hear, I'm looking forward to reading your blog.